Mo Duk Pai kung fu is a comprehensive martial art combining hard and soft style techniques, developing the whole martial artist through body, mind and spirit. It places strong emphasis on ethical behavior applied on the training floor and in the street, and extending through the student’s entire life.

MDP Journal

Blue Class

By  sifuwally
On  March 31, 2014

At their request, I had five blue sashes come over to my school and take a class from me. We focused on spin kicks and multi person drills (again, at their request). I thought I’d foist my latest obsession on them, filming stuff.

What follows are films of each of the students doing 2 monkey lines and then a 2 minute continuous multi person at medium speed.

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Testing 3.8.14

By  sifuwally
On  March 9, 2014

I took a ton of short video clips of the test this Saturday.  Hopefully this is helpful to students and teachers alike to see how they are moving.

Excellent work to all the testers.  It is always a joy to see people putting out their best efforts on the floor.

Black Belt Class

By  sifuwally
On  February 3, 2014

just_tap_okayThe plan this year is to have a black belt class every first Sunday of the month.  February was our first one (we didn’t hatch the plan until too late in January) and it was a blast.  I taught a no-gi and a gi choke and many tap outs ensued.

I’m looking forward to the next 10 classes this year and all the cool stuff that the other black belts have to share.

Nov.22nd Testing at AKF

By  tomwells
On  November 23, 2013
Testing at the Academy of Kung Fu this Friday @ 6pm. The full spread of ranks at this one – orange through black. Greens and above are encouraged to suit up and help. Everyone is welcome to watch.

Intro to Grappling for the MDP Student

By  sifuwally
On  November 16, 2013

One of the premises of our art is that someone with a black belt in our style can go to a class at a different style and have a basic understanding of what is going on.  This should be true from both a strategy and a technique point of view.  For example, if they attended a boxing class, this (black belt) student would have a familiarity with the concept of combinations as well as a basic understanding of how to punch.  Undoubtedly, they would be able to learn tons of new information from a good coach but they would not be starting from ground zero.

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By  sifuwally
On  June 15, 2013

IMG_0935Another great camp this year and as always, nearly too much information to absorb.  Hopefully everyone who went brought a notebook and a pen.  Hopefully everyone who didn’t go is ready to receive a ton of new information.

My biggest takeaway from camp this year was the idea of research.  As in, what can I train over the next year and bring back to camp, to share with the other students.  Hopefully everyone else (regardless of their rank) got the same idea and is excited about coming back to camp in 2014.


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