Mind, Body, Spirit

We seek to develop the mind, body and spirit of each student through a practical, effective, and creative martial art system called Mo Duk Pai.

Always Growing

Mo Duk Pai is a constantly evolving mixed martial art, based in tradition, but constantly evolving and adapting to any number of scenarios in the street, on the floor, or in a tournament. It emphasizes the use of necessary force, compassion and ethical behavior in any situation. It can be learned and applied by kids and adults over a broad spectrum of ages and physical types. Mo Duk Pai keeps what’s effective, discards what’s not, and brings in fresh techniques and philosophies with an open mind and spirit. In this way, Mo Duk Pai is always growing.



We currently have three schools in Portland, OR. to choose from, offering classes in Mo Duk Pai, as well as Capoeira, Crossfit, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and Systema. Find a school near you.

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Southwest Portland Martial Arts

What to expect at the tournament

What should kids and parents who are coming to the tournament expect?  How should they choose what events to participate in and what to skip?  What are the events and rules?

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AMA Promotions

Last Saturday my black belts celebrated our school’s 30th year; we opened on 9/1/86 on SE Sandy Blvd.
We had a class and then a celebration dinner, prepared by Sifu Patty (hats off for that!).

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Kid’s Tournament

Our annual Fall Kid’s tournament is just around the corner – Saturday October 22nd.  If your kids are thinking about signing up, here is some advice for success:

  • Get to class!  
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2016 Events

We’ve got 5 no cost system events this month – a demo, two all system workouts (one for kids and one for adults), an advanced class (for greens and up) and a black belt class.  

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Camp Registration

Registration for annual adult Kung Fu camp is up.  Just like last year, if you register early, you save $10.  So if you’re looking to save money, there is your reason for signing up now.  

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Sifu Patty O’Linger is hosting an Internal Arts workshop at the Academy of Martial Arts in early March. A huge favorite among regular PAWMA attendees, Master Shanti is gifted instructor and practitioner.

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