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A Glimpse of the Action from Camp 2014

By  sifukyle
On  June 13, 2014

2014 Mo Duk Pai Training Camp

By  sifukyle
On  June 9, 2014

Each year I go, I am reminded how much there is to learn! The Black Belts of Mo Duk Pai provided top notch classes in the theme of Tributaries. This year, student were given a series of classes in our roots of training. And the student sure did soak it up – kudos to all of you who made it through. Lots of sweat and smiles this weekend! Its definitely not for everyone, but for those who attended, I think they got the value in getting out of Dodge for a bit and digging into training. Good to know where you come from and what makes this Art so effective!

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Tournament Results

By  sifuwally
On  May 13, 2014

Want the details of what happened on the third? Here are three spreadsheets with all the scores from that Saturday.

I simply copied the names from the paper sheets so my apologies for any spelling errors. (Some people have at least two different variations on their name.) Let’s remember next time to have the competitors spell their names for the judges.

Grappling results

Forms results

Sparring results

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Tournament Videos

By  sifuwally
On  May 5, 2014

Below you’ll find a few clips from the adult tournament on Saturday (4/3/14). I managed to take a lot more video of forms than sparring or grappling because I wasn’t a judge for forms.

Great job to all the participants, helpers and black belts. I’m already looking forward to the next one.

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Blue Class

By  sifuwally
On  March 31, 2014

At their request, I had five blue sashes come over to my school and take a class from me. We focused on spin kicks and multi person drills (again, at their request). I thought I’d foist my latest obsession on them, filming stuff.

What follows are films of each of the students doing 2 monkey lines and then a 2 minute continuous multi person at medium speed.

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Testing 3.8.14

By  sifuwally
On  March 9, 2014

I took a ton of short video clips of the test this Saturday.  Hopefully this is helpful to students and teachers alike to see how they are moving.

Excellent work to all the testers.  It is always a joy to see people putting out their best efforts on the floor.