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Mo Duk Pai combines hard- and soft-style techniques to create a comprehensive martial art. Mo Duk Pai aims to develop the whole martial artist, by training the body, the mind and the spirit. The art teaches kicking and striking techniques, counters to attacks, street and tournament sparring, defensive and offensive actions with a knife and club, redirection, evasion and incorporates grappling as needed. Mo Duk Pai emphasizes individual learning; each student progresses at his or her own pace. Students must both master basic techniques and display creative application of technique against a variety of attacks, including multi-person attacks. Professor King on the cover of Karate Ilustrated.Mo Duk Pai was founded by Professor Fred King in 1983. An accomplished martial artist and tournament fighter (Professor King was featured on the cover of Karate Illustrated magazine as “The Happy Warrior”), Professor King felt the time was right for a more holistic system of martial arts that encompassed spontaneity, creativity, practicality, and ethical behavior. These four principles form the cornerstones of Mo Duk Pai. Mo Duk Pai places a strong emphasis on ethical behavior. The system does not impose a set of ethics on its students; it only requires that each student have his or her own personal honor code and to behave in a ethical manner. This applies to the student’s entire life, not merely to the use of martial technique. Because of the wide variety of techniques and applications students must master, earning a Black Belt rank in Mo Duk Pai may take several years. Rather than being frustrating, this length of training is highly rewarding to the dedicated student because of the depth of the training. As the student advances and his or her level of physical accomplishment rises, training encompasses more and more of the mental and spiritual aspects. The Mo Duk Pai Association organizes a high-energy overnight training camp in spring. This event provide the opportunity for students and teachers from the different schools to reconnect with each other. For both students and teachers, the intensive training recharges their martial training and inspires them throughout the year. Black belts organize camp and teach; classes and lectures are centered around a different theme each year.