All System Workout

The plan for 2011 is to have four all system workouts.  What is an all system workout?  It’s when students from all the Mo Duk Pai schools get together and train for two hours.  The first one is coming up Thursday, January 13th from 6-8pm at the Academy of Kung Fu.
If you get in your usual two or three times a week training, you might be thinking “why should I go out of my way to make this class?”  Let me give you four reasons.
One: Lots of bodies.  There will be students of all ranks, sizes and ages there.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn from every single one of them.
Two: The instruction.  Professor King, the founder of our system, will be leading the class.  In addition, there will be black belts from the various schools that you can partner up with and learn from.
Three: The system.  Part of being in a martial arts system is connecting with the larger community and finding out what the other schools are doing.  Watch how students from other schools move.  Find out what binds us as a system and separates us as schools.
Four: Growth.  No matter how long you’ve been training or what color sash (or lack of) you’re wearing around your waist, this class will have something for you.
Be there… and when you get there, mingle!  Partner with as many different people as you can.