MDP Kids Tournament this Saturday!!

This Saturday is the Fall event of our MDP kids tournaments! We will have a judges and helpers meeting at 8:45am in the weight room of the AKF. Any and all Mo Duk Pai Black Belts help in judging for this tournament will be greatly appreciated! Undersashes wishing to help will be put to work regardless of rank. Its been the judges and the helpers that have made these events so fluid in the past. Thank you in advance for any time you can volunteer!

Sifu Shanti Webley

Congratulations to Shanti Webley for earning the title of Sifu on August 31. Sifu Webley has been the Head Instructor of 18th Street Academy of Martial Arts in Oakland, CA. Visit his website for more info. Sifu Webley has worked long and hard on honing the necessary skills required to represent the title of Sifu within the Mo Duk Pai system. Nice job!

Who Got Shot?

This game is Sifu Foster’s brainchild. For those not at camp, we presented the idea that there would be “shooters” at camp who would be attempting to take your picture during any of the downtimes of camp. Some basic rules were that Black Belts were not targets or shooters, and that no one would be”shot” during a class so they could focus properly on the teacher. The goal was to heighten students’ awareness of their environment and those within it. Thank you, Sifu for this game. Here’s who got shot.

Past Camp Pics

This blog is supposed to be mostly about what we are working on now. Well, right now, I am stoked for camp, no work required for that. Below are images of the work/play that was done at previous camps. So I guess I’m working on getting ready to play?? Either way, have fun playing the game, “Can you find _____ in this picture?”