What are the Rules?

I will be making a series of posts over the next few weeks talking about the rules of the upcoming kid’s tournament. The purpose is to help students, helpers, parents, and coaches understand what they are preparing for. I want to tackle the grappling portion of the tournament first. One thing students will want to understand is if they are grappling for submission or position. If students are orange/purple or below, they get to choose. If both students are purple or above, they must grapple for submissions. In the video below, I show how “grappling for position” works:

What to expect at the tournament

What should kids and parents who are coming to the tournament expect?  How should they choose what events to participate in and what to skip?  What are the events and rules? I’m going to go through the 4 events that kids can participate in at the tournament and talk about the structure of each event, the rules and safety concerns. Continue reading “What to expect at the tournament”

AMA Promotions

imageHi, Last Saturday my black belts celebrated our school’s 30th year; we opened on 9/1/86 on SE Sandy Blvd. We had a class and then a celebration dinner, prepared by Sifu Patty (hats off for that!). We also had a promotions ceremony: Kris Rice 1st degree Dan Jones 2nd degree and the title of “Sifu” (in abstencia) Laura Tauber 2nd degree and the title of “Sifu” Sifu Moline Whitson 3rd degree Eric Brewer 3rd degree and the title of “Sifu” Sifu Tracy Reith 3rd degree Sifu Tim Mayer 5th degree Sifu Jack Monteith 5th degree

Kid’s Tournament

IMG_0196Our annual Fall Kid’s tournament is just around the corner – Saturday October 22nd.  If your kids are thinking about signing up, here is some advice for success:
  • Get to class!  Consistent attendance is the best prep there is.
  • If your school offers specialty classes like sparring, grappling or forms classes, make sure you go to those so you can sharpen your tournament specific skills.
  • If you are planning on doing forms, small steady doses of practice are the most useful.  Shoot for doing your form outside of class 2 times a day, 3 days a week.  If it is hard to find space to do your form, come to class 10 minutes early and use that time to practice.
  • If you are planning on sparring, get a mouthpiece and if appropriate, an athletic cup.
We’re excited, as always, for this awesome event!  If you have friends that train in other styles, they are welcome to participate as well!  Signup is located under the events tab.

2016 Events

MDP April Events-2We’ve got 5 no cost system events this month – a demo, two all system workouts (one for kids and one for adults), an advanced class (for greens and up) and a black belt class.  Kudos to the board members and school owners for putting all theses opportunities together.  Click on the image for more details. Next month, we’ve got two system events that cost money (but are totally worth it) – a kid’s tournament and the adult camp.  You can sign up for and read more about them by clicking the events tab.

Camp Registration

use_meRegistration for annual adult Kung Fu camp is up.  Just like last year, if you register early, you save $10.  So if you’re looking to save money, there is your reason for signing up now.  The better reason to sign up, of course, is because camp is going to be awesome.  It always is.  When else do you get an opportunity to train martial arts for 28 hours in a row?

Camp will take place starting on Saturday, May 30th @ 8am and run until Sunday, May 31st at Noon.  The location is the same as last year: Alder’s Gate retreat in Turner, Oregon.

Click here to register now.