BJJ Seminar

The Brazilian Jiu Jitsu seminar was a great success.  Everyone smiled, sweated and rolled around on the floor together.  Thanks to Bill Bradley (and Nick from Seattle) who taught the course.  Thanks to all who showed up and participated and thanks to Sifu Kyle for the use of his space.
I picked people’s brains afterwords about what they had learned, and everyone had something specific which they feel they took away from the session.  Excellent.
For those who didn’t attend, talk to someone who did and be sure and ask them about: the spirit of Christmas, bad toupees, keeping your armpit stink to yourself and how “thing” from the Addams Family can help you choke someone out.  Bill has some colorful metaphors.  Or as one student put it: “he said stuff that seemed totally out of left field but then it stuck with me and I was thinking about keeping my armpit stink to myself all night.”  Good stuff.