AMA Promotions

imageHi, Last Saturday my black belts celebrated our school’s 30th year; we opened on 9/1/86 on SE Sandy Blvd. We had a class and then a celebration dinner, prepared by Sifu Patty (hats off for that!). We also had a promotions ceremony: Kris Rice 1st degree Dan Jones 2nd degree and the title of “Sifu” (in abstencia) Laura Tauber 2nd degree and the title of “Sifu” Sifu Moline Whitson 3rd degree Eric Brewer 3rd degree and the title of “Sifu” Sifu Tracy Reith 3rd degree Sifu Tim Mayer 5th degree Sifu Jack Monteith 5th degree

2014 Mo Duk Pai Training Camp

Each year I go, I am reminded how much there is to learn! The Black Belts of Mo Duk Pai provided top notch classes in the theme of Tributaries. This year, student were given a series of classes in our roots of training. And the student sure did soak it up – kudos to all of you who made it through. Lots of sweat and smiles this weekend! Its definitely not for everyone, but for those who attended, I think they got the value in getting out of Dodge for a bit and digging into training. Good to know where you come from and what makes this Art so effective! Continue reading “2014 Mo Duk Pai Training Camp”

Reminder: No classes at AKF this Sat. due to Testing.

No Classes – kids or adults – this Saturday Feb. 9th at the Academy of Kung Fu. We will all be at the test. Testing for Mo Duk Pai kung fu trainers is happening this Saturday at 7am sharp at the NPAKF. Testing is open to the public. If you are curious to see what testing looks like for our Art, stop in anytime that morning and take a peek.  

Black Belt Class

Special thanks to Sifu Chris Hosman, 5th degree Black Belt in Mo Duk Pai, for leading a class on “Throwing”. The drills to work the concepts were simple enough and straightforward. But it was the attention to fundamental principles such as calmness to fit into position for a throw, or basic principles of structure examined at a deeper level that made this class special.

Continue reading “Black Belt Class”