2016 Events

MDP April Events-2We’ve got 5 no cost system events this month – a demo, two all system workouts (one for kids and one for adults), an advanced class (for greens and up) and a black belt class.  Kudos to the board members and school owners for putting all theses opportunities together.  Click on the image for more details. Next month, we’ve got two system events that cost money (but are totally worth it) – a kid’s tournament and the adult camp.  You can sign up for and read more about them by clicking the events tab.

Camp Registration

use_meRegistration for annual adult Kung Fu camp is up.  Just like last year, if you register early, you save $10.  So if you’re looking to save money, there is your reason for signing up now.  The better reason to sign up, of course, is because camp is going to be awesome.  It always is.  When else do you get an opportunity to train martial arts for 28 hours in a row?

Camp will take place starting on Saturday, May 30th @ 8am and run until Sunday, May 31st at Noon.  The location is the same as last year: Alder’s Gate retreat in Turner, Oregon.

Click here to register now.

2014 Mo Duk Pai Training Camp

Each year I go, I am reminded how much there is to learn! The Black Belts of Mo Duk Pai provided top notch classes in the theme of Tributaries. This year, student were given a series of classes in our roots of training. And the student sure did soak it up – kudos to all of you who made it through. Lots of sweat and smiles this weekend! Its definitely not for everyone, but for those who attended, I think they got the value in getting out of Dodge for a bit and digging into training. Good to know where you come from and what makes this Art so effective! Continue reading “2014 Mo Duk Pai Training Camp”


IMG_0935Another great camp this year and as always, nearly too much information to absorb.  Hopefully everyone who went brought a notebook and a pen.  Hopefully everyone who didn’t go is ready to receive a ton of new information.

My biggest takeaway from camp this year was the idea of research.  As in, what can I train over the next year and bring back to camp, to share with the other students.  Hopefully everyone else (regardless of their rank) got the same idea and is excited about coming back to camp in 2014.

Camp 2013

Gravity in Motion is the title of camp this year.  What’s that mean?  It means camp will soon be upon us.  No matter if it is your first camp or your twentieth, if you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran, camp is always the time and place to take your training to the next level.  The martial festivities begin Saturday June 8th and 8AM and conclude at Noon on Sunday the 9th.  The location will be Alder’s Gate retreat in Turner, Oregon.

Go register here so that you move one step closer to learning the secret of “Gravity in Motion”…