School Spirit Rising: Our PAWMA Camp Adventure

By Sandy Lucas
On the first Friday in September, six Mo Duk Pai students from the Academy Kung Fu – myself included – amassed an artillery of snacks, piled into a single van, and ventured north to Seattle. There we gathered with nearly a hundred other martial artists 
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Movies in the Park Demo

For the first time ever, Portland Parks and Rec brought their famous “Movies in the Park” tour to Dewitt park in Hillsdale!  The park is about two blocks from the Westside Academy of Kung Fu, so it offered a perfect opportunity for a demonstration.
The video shows about 1/2 of the demo – a great taste of what we do for those who don’t train and a great head start on Sifu Alexander’s video feedback extravaganza coming up in August for those who appear in the video!
Thanks to all the students who participated and thanks to all those who gave/shared rides and those who took videos and photos.
Need more?  Surf on over to flickr and check out the photos.

February Demos

We had four demonstrations this month, all of which came off smashingly.  In fact, the first one (pictured here) had the most students I’ve ever seen at one of our demos.  Congrats to all those who were brave enough to perform the art in front of strangers.
Thanks to the Hillsdale Farmer’s Market, Food Front, The Hillsdale Main Street Project and Reike Elementary for the opportunities.  Check here, here and here for photos.
No doubt they’ll be another round this spring, so keep your forms spry, your reps deadly and your eyes peeled… and if you’ve got ideas for times or venues, drop a note in the comments.