Testing 3.8.14

I took a ton of short video clips of the test this Saturday.  Hopefully this is helpful to students and teachers alike to see how they are moving. Excellent work to all the testers.  It is always a joy to see people putting out their best efforts on the floor.

Mo Duk Pai Testing and a big Thank you!

Kung Fu  Photography February 9, 2013 felt like a shift in the strength of Mo Duk Pai as a System. We gained a new Brown/Black sash, a Green sash and 3 new Blue sashes. Pretty big news. Go to the schools’ websites for more info about the students and the stories. This post will give you some perspective of what those testing went through. But this is mostly for the helpers! Testing can’t happen without competent helpers. Anyone who has ever assisted in a high level test knows they are in the spotlight as much as the students who are testing. Without good intensity and confront from the helpers, its hard to bring out from those testing what is needed to show off their level of skill. With that kind of presence comes a few bumps and bruises, all for the greater good. This post is to thank the helpers and give others a sense of what a “volunteer” experiences. Huge thanks to Russell Young for permission to use these photos! Continue reading “Mo Duk Pai Testing and a big Thank you!”


Testing is such a wonderful opportunity to learn for all involved.  The students get to see how much of their training holds up under pressure.  The teachers get to see how much of their instruction holds up under pressure.  The helpers get to have one foot on the floor and one foot off the floor, both participating and observing.

I know as a teacher, I forget sometimes I’m still a student and it’s revelatory to watch my instructional strengths and weaknesses come out in my students during testing.  It’s plain as day and the other black belts on the board let me know what I’m doing right and what I’m doing wrong.

Thanks so much to all the testers, helpers and the board for making a great test.  You can go see more photos here.

Reflections on Testing

April 2nd 2011 gave us another glimpse into the ability, commitment, and determination of our fellow students. Testing at the Academy is always a time of high energy and remarkable feats of endurance. After 5 hours of rigorous physical demands and another hour and a half of uncertainty as the board deliberated, Jeremy was promoted to green sash while Julie and Sean both received their brown sashes. All 3 displayed the heart of a warrior tempered with compassion. Because this was a smaller than usual test, only three upper ranks testing, it provided the opportunity for the board as well as all who attended the opportunity to see how we are progressing in our style. As always the test provided the instructors with new and valuable insight into how to continue to evolve and improve. Thanks to all the helpers who infused the school with energy and helped make the day a success. In addition we were all treated to Sifu Clifton Peters promoting Joe and Dennis to second degree black belt and the title of Sifu. Congratulations to all!! It was another amazing day. Keep your hands and head up and your feet moving!