Who Got Shot?

This game is Sifu Foster’s brainchild. For those not at camp, we presented the idea that there would be “shooters” at camp who would be attempting to take your picture during any of the downtimes of camp. Some basic rules were that Black Belts were not targets or shooters, and that no one would be”shot” during a class so they could focus properly on the teacher. The goal was to heighten students’ awareness of their environment and those within it. Thank you, Sifu for this game. Here’s who got shot.

Past Camp Pics

This blog is supposed to be mostly about what we are working on now. Well, right now, I am stoked for camp, no work required for that. Below are images of the work/play that was done at previous camps. So I guess I’m working on getting ready to play?? Either way, have fun playing the game, “Can you find _____ in this picture?”

Sifu Brian Bennett

To: All Sifus, Black Belts and Students of Mo Duk Pai From: Professor Fred King re: the passing on of Sifu Brian Bennett
Thursday, April 14th a wonderful person and Sifu passed on.  As many of you may know Sifu Brian had terminal cancer for some months now. I know many of you had the opportunity to say good-by to him before he left and it was, per him, greatly appreciated. I had the honor to spend some time with him the previous week and we spoke about his training, his love for his teacher (Sifu Hosman) and all the help he’s received over the years from the student body. He was extremely greatful for all of that. I was able to speak to his mother who was extremely proud of her son and his last months and how he dealt with it all. There’s so much to say about Brian—the big man with the big heart, the gentleness and power, his laugh and curiosity, his wanting that others do well—all admirable qualities for anyone. We were lucky to have had him with us. He gave more than he took. Thanks Brian.Your journey will be a good one………..it’s well deserved.
Professor Fred King, Founder.