What better way to ring in the New Year than with a rousing game of Hooverball?  We’ve done this a few years now and this is the first time it wasn’t raining.  This made for much longer volleys and much more painful challenging falls, as the ground was rock hard.
The rules were simple:
  • Tennis style scoring (15, love; 30, love; 40, love; match)
  • Switch which team serves after each match
  • Change up teams after every 5 or so matches
Why did a group of martial artists play Hooverball at 9am on New Year’s Day?  No doubt everyone had their own personal reasons for coming out this morning but the stated reason for the event is to challenge each student’s confront (the ability to face difficulty).  Getting up early to have a nine pound medicine ball thrown at you repeatedly for two hours isn’t easy and as martial artists we wouldn’t want it to be.  The new year will be full of challenges, and every student who came out this morning got an early start embracing that fact (and as a bonus had a lot of fun).