If you are currently an intermediate student or above in Mo Duk Pai, please read the blurb below and then pay your annual (2020) $35 dues by clicking on the paypal button at the bottom.  As an organization, we collect dues for the previous year at the beginning of the new year.

When one belongs to a group, it’s important to know the purpose of the group, what it stands for and what its goals are. This becomes even more true when one gives money to that group. With that in mind, the purpose of this letter is to clarify the function of the Mo Duk Pai Association.

The association is comprised of a board of elected black belts. The board meets several times every year to plan events and discuss goals. In addition, once a year, the association holds a special all black belt meeting in which new board members are nominated and elected. These newly elected board members serve for one year.

The association has three main purposes:

Purpose #1 – Furthering Student’s on the Path to Black Belt – Every year the association organizes camp, informal gatherings and seminars. These are all activities that are intended to offer learning opportunities to the students – to help them along the path to black belt.

Purpose #2 – Helping Black Belts Open Schools – The monies that are collected for annual dues and the monies earned from camp, seminars and other events are from time to time disbursed in order to help black belts who are interested in opening their own schools. One recent example of this is the board gave Sifu Wally money to help advertise his Kung Fu Outreach business, in 2007. This allowed him to eventually open his own school in 2009. He subsequently passed Kung Fu Outreach on to Sean Kelly in 2011, which helped him on the path to opening his own school in 2012. More schools means more students which means an expanded system.

Purpose #3 – Purchasing Land – A long term goal of the association is to purchase land for a martial arts retreat center and where annual camp can be held. The idea is to reduce the overhead costs of camp, thus allowing for more monies to be put into further expanding the system.