2017 Adult Martial Arts Tournament

Forms, sparring, and grappling!  Our once a year tournament is here.  Sign up to participate in one, two, or all three events. We will do our best to create fair divisions based on who shows up.  For sparring and grappling, this will be based on size, age, gender, and skill level.  For forms divisions will be created based on age and skill. All are welcome!  You need not be a Mo Duk Pai student to participate. For the grappling section, a Gi is required.  If you have a belt, you can wear it but a belt is not required.  If you are a BJJ practitioner and you are of white or blue belt rank, you are welcome!  We don’t have students at the rank of purple or higher so (for now) we’re keeping things where are students are at!  There will be no points in the matches – you either win or lose by submission or it is a draw.  We will discuss specifics of the rules the day of the tournament.  Grappling starts at 9am but please arrive early so you can hear the rules! For the forms section, students are expected to perform a “traditional” form – that simply means it is one you learned from a teacher, not one you are making up on the spot.  No music is allowed during the performance. For sparring, we will be doing point sparring – meaning once a hit is scored, the participants will be separated before the match starts again.  Light contact is allowed to the head, body, and groin.  Students are expected to wear gloves, boots, and a mouth piece.  Male students are expected to wear a cup.  You can wear other reasonable protective gear like shin guards or forearm guards but it is not required.