2nd Annual Adult System Tournament

Come one, come all!  Mo Duk Pai is hosting a tournament for all adult (13 and up) students of martial arts.  There will be grappling, forms, sparring and a mystery division.  This tournament is only $10 if you pay online.  Tickets day of are $20.  Spectators are FREE!  Students from outside MDP are welcome to attend but if you have not been invited, please email us first at sifu@westsideakf.com The day of the event is Saturday, February 21st.  The location is the Academy of Kung Fu at 3228 SE 21st Avenue in Portland, Oregon.  The tournament will begin at 9:00AM with grappling.  Forms will start at 10:00AM and Sparring will happen at 11:00.  The mystery division will happen at a mysterious time (whenever we can fit it in).  The event will be over at noon. Grappling will to submission.  There are no points awarded based on reversals or positions.  If you tap your partner, you win.  If you get tapped, you lose.  If neither person taps, the match is a draw.  Judges will have the ability to stop a match at any time if they feel there is a danger to one or both participants.  Participants can start from standing (if they both agree to it) or from kneeling.  Both participants must wear a Gi jacket.  Divisions will be formed based on weight, skill and gender.  There is a four minute time limit to each match. Forms performers will be judged on stances, power and artistry.  Divisions will be formed based on skill level.  To make judging fair, the first three performers in each division will do their form without getting a score.  Then, after seeing these first 3 performers, the judges will call these 3 back out and give them a score.  This helps to give the judges a sense of the level of skill in the division.  Scores will be awarded on a 10 point scale.  In the event of a tie, performers will be asked to do their form again.  Performers can ask to restart their form once with no penalty to their score.  If performers ask to restart additional times past the first, one point will be deducted per restart.  There is no penalty for stepping out of the ring. Sparring will be point based, up to a maximum of five points.  Each ring will have a minimum of three judges – one center and two corner judges.  Matches will be two minutes long or will stop if one fighter gets to 5 points.  Head, body and groin will all be legal targets.  Contact level for this tournament will be light.  There should be no rocking back of the head from strikes.  Controlled sweeps are allowed and fighters may score while their opponent is on the ground if they do so within a 3 second count. Mystery division will be something that tests students martial skills – particularly their ability to adapt.