Kid’s Martial Arts Summer Camp – Sparring Focus

Are you serious about your sparring?  Do you want to refine your current kicks, punches, and combos?  Do you want to challenge your skills and push to the next level?  Do you want lots of opportunities to do point sparring?  This is the camp for you! Students of all levels are welcome – no previous point sparring is necessary.  You do not have to be a Mo Duk Pai student to participate. Please note the cost changes as you sign up for multiple camps.  If you sign up for two camps, you save $20.  If you sign up for three camps, you save $50.  If you sign up for all four camps, you save $100.  If you have more than one child that you want to sign up, we offer an additional 25% discount for additional children but can not do it online, so please talk to a MDP teacher or send us an email: