Self Defense & Situational Awareness For Adults (Age18+)

deb-copy In this adult Self-Defense class, Sifu Wally Jones of Southwest Portland Martial Arts will lead participants through a variety of fun situational awareness drills to better help boost confidence, practical physical tools, and resources for avoiding and managing potential emergency situations (including considering how having a child, infant, or other dependent in tow can and should affect your response).   This short, informal class will include very basic low impact physical exercises, and academic content through discussion and resource handouts. ALL levels welcome! To be held in Hillsdale at Southwest Portland Martial Arts.   The cost is $15/20 per person, depending on your budget [half the funds will be donated to benefit (our) larger Martial Arts System’s Outreach Fund]. Register below, and bring check or cash payment with you to class please. Card payment will be available, but subject to a $2.00 merchant fee please.  Fee waivers also available by written request: