Camp 2019

Come join us for an awesome system-wide opportunity to train with students and Black Belts from all the different MDP schools. All levels are welcome! Where: SE Portland Martial Arts – 3228 SE 21st Ave, Portland Oregon. When: Saturday, June 1st. Who: All adult MDP students Part One: 7:30am-Noon Lunch: Noon-12:50pm Part Two: 1pm-5:30pm Come and stay for one or both parts – pay the same amount regardless.

Kids Advanced Sparring Camp 2018

Have you already attended one or more sparring tournaments? Are you over 8 years old? Then this advanced sparring camp is for you! Get ready to hone your timing and technique to the next level. If you are signing up for more than one camp, email for discounts.

Kid’s Martial Arts Summer Camp 2018

This is the camp for you!  Students will work basic techniques, games, conditioning, forms, grappling, and sparring. No previous experience for this camp is needed!  All kids who are interested in exploring the martial arts are welcome. Those who are doing the full day camp are expected to bring a lunch to class everyday.  We will try and eat outside in the park as much as possible and hopefully pose for awesome photos on the merry go round. The half day option (9am-Noon) is available for kids age 5 and up. The full day option is available for kids ages 8 and up. If you are purchasing more than one camp, contact for discounts.

Adult MDP Camp 2018

Come play with us for an entire weekend! Two days of training, piles of black belts, and heaps of students from all three schools. This year’s camp will be held at Southeast Portland Martial Arts. Classes go from 9AM until 8PM on Saturday and 9AM until 12:30PM on Sunday. There will be a one hour lunch break on Saturday (bring your own lunch) and there will be a potluck on Sunday (bring a dish to share) after training time. Registration for both days is $125. Registration for one day is $85. Sign up and get ready to train!

2018 Adult Day Camp

Want to spend an entire Saturday training? So do we! Come on over to the Southeast school for an awesome system wide opportunity to train with students and black belts from all the different branches of MDP. The format will be: Noon until 5:30PM: Training. There will be 5 separate classes offered during this 5 and a half hour block. Students may choose to take one class, all the classes, or however many they want. We encourage you to train to YOUR comfort level and not worry about what anyone else is doing. This will be an amazing opportunity to train with teachers and students that you normally don’t get to work with. 5:30PM – 7PM: Potluck. Everyone who wants to stay, eat, and talk is encouraged to bring a dish to eat and share. Students can also come to just this portion of the camp (and pay nothing) if they are injured or can’t train that day. 11AM – Noon: Black Belt class. This special one hour section for black belts only will be led by Professor King. Early registration for this camp is $30 (regardless of how many or how few classes you take) if you register before January 1st. If you wait until January 1st to register, the cost goes up to $40. Proceeds go toward the Mo Duk Pai association and paying for the cost of renting the space at the SE school.

Basic Skills Winter Day Camp for Kids

This day camp for students ages 5-7 is all about reviewing and honing basic martial skills. Throughout the day, students will strengthen their basic strikes, kicks, and blocks and learn new ways to apply the techniques as well. Students should bring a sack lunch and snack. In addition to training, the group will watch an age appropriate martial arts movie. If you sign up more than one student, simply select “sibling discount” for each additional student past the first. The first student costs $75 for the day and each additional student is $50.