Kid’s Tournament: Grappling & Standing Up

In this post on the grappling rules of the kid’s tournament, we’re going to talk about when students can stand up on their feet, and when they can’t. Students will be asked, before the match begins, if they want to start from standing or sitting. If they both choose to start from standing, so it shall be. If one or both choose to start from sitting, then they will start the match from kneeling. That part is pretty simple but there is one additional hitch. If the students chose to start from sitting and at some point during the match, both students stand up, then the judge will stop the match and reset them back to sitting. If one of them stands up, usually to pass guard, that’s fine – the match will keep going. If the students chose to start from standing then the rules are pretty simple: the match keeps going if one or both of them stand up at any time during the match.