Professor Fred King

Professor Fred King started his martial training in Judo with Sensei DeFrancisco at an early age. He then proceeded to wrestle through high school, and went on to box in college (Eastern Washington State College) under Coach John Copeland. He was a “walk-on” (no scholarship and no invitation) at the University of Oregon wrestling program and ended up on an athletic scholarship for the varsity team under Coach Ron Finley. He began his training in Kajukenbo (the first American mixed martial art that was started in 1947-1949 and continues worldwide today) while at the University of Oregon under Sifu Rich Mainenti and continued his training under Sifu Al Dacascos (Black Belt Magazine Hall of Fame). Professor King also learned Ng Style Tai Chi from Sifu Greg Fong and began his training in Modern Arnis (Philipino Knife and Stick fighting) under Professor Remy Presas (Black Belt Hall of Fame). His training under Professor Presas continued for 20 years until the Professor Presas’s death. In 1984, Professor King started his own Method called Mo Duk Pai (Martial Ethics/Power Method) and also continued enhancing his studies of the martial arts with Professor Wally Jay (Small Circle Ju-jitsu and Black Belt Hall of Fame).

Some of Professor King’s accomplishments over the years include:

  • Teaching for a year in Germany at the Budo Club Nippon, helping open up Germany to both Kung-fu and full contact fighting. Teaching National Champions Klaus Schaffer and Thomas Born.
  • Opening his own school in 1975 in Portland, Oregon which is still open and running.
  • Being ranked by the Karate Illustrated Year Book as the #1 Fighter in the Northwest in 1983 and ranked one of the top National Fighters that year having won over well over 100 tournaments in his short tournament career. He was also named as the “best reverse puncher in the country” by Karate Illustrated Yearbook.
  • Being on the front cover of Karate Illustrated in 1981.
  • Writing numerous articles for Black Belt Magazine and Karate Illustrated.
  • Performing seminars in Europe and the U.S.
His highest certified rankings are:
  • Professorship of Mo Duk Pai bestowed by Professors Remy Presas and Wally Jay.
  • 8th Degree Kajukenbo (Grand Masters Al Dacascos and Gabe Vargas)
  • 5th Degree Modern Arnis (Professor Remy Presas)
  • 5th Degree American Karate Association (Grand Master John Sharkey)
  • 5th Degree American Teacher’s Association of Martial Art (Professor Duke Moore and Grand Master Rick Alemany)

(This text written by Professor Fred King)