Reflections on Testing

April 2nd 2011 gave us another glimpse into the ability, commitment, and determination of our fellow students. Testing at the Academy is always a time of high energy and remarkable feats of endurance. After 5 hours of rigorous physical demands and another hour and a half of uncertainty as the board deliberated, Jeremy was promoted to green sash while Julie and Sean both received their brown sashes. All 3 displayed the heart of a warrior tempered with compassion. Because this was a smaller than usual test, only three upper ranks testing, it provided the opportunity for the board as well as all who attended the opportunity to see how we are progressing in our style. As always the test provided the instructors with new and valuable insight into how to continue to evolve and improve. Thanks to all the helpers who infused the school with energy and helped make the day a success. In addition we were all treated to Sifu Clifton Peters promoting Joe and Dennis to second degree black belt and the title of Sifu. Congratulations to all!! It was another amazing day. Keep your hands and head up and your feet moving!