Stand Firm or Yield


The all system workout on Thursday was a huge success.  There were punches, there were kicks, there were stabs and there were laughs.
As usual, the evening consisted of simple problem solving.  
First problem: a student is having a heated discussion when out pops the knife and in comes the stab.  One solution is to drill getting caught off guard (hands down) and practice yielding – getting out of the way.  With repeated practice, the student should become more comfortable (relaxed) with moving out of the way and can eventually add in counter attacks to vital targets, controlling the weapon and disarms.
Second problem: suppose a student is afraid to spar.  Specifically, they are worried that they will get injured.  One solution to this problem is to have them stand firm while a partner charges them.  This forces the student to confront the problem.  Once they solve the problem (or at least become comfortable with being afraid) and can stay put in the face of danger, then they can begin to angle, counter punch and do whatever other fancy sparring techniques they know but until then fear will get in the way.
Of course there was much more… make sure you’re at the next one so as to brush up on your problem solving skills.