What To Say Before Forms?

The most common question the teachers get around tournament time about forms is: “what do I say before I do my form?” The answer is: “Hello judges, my name is ___. My martial arts teacher’s name is ___. I study martial arts at ___. The form I will be doing today is called ___. May I please begin?” Keep in mind this is a rough template. You can change the order (although it would be odd to ask for permission to start you form and then say your name) of the statements. You can change the words themselves (I train at ___ rather than I study martial arts at ___). The basic idea is to communicate a level of formality to the judges and some basic pieces of information: who are you, who is your teacher, where do you train, and what is the name of the form you’re doing. Watch the video below for an example of this opening bit and also a couple more tips about how to do well in the Forms division.